Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day!

Today is Memorial Day. A day to remember all of the people that have sacrificed their lives so that we can be free today. On this day I have always thought of those that died for us, but now more than ever, I have a better appreciation for everyone in the military and all of the families that stand by them. Whether you know someone who died in battle or not, when your associated with the military, it truly hits home. Sunday at church, we took a moment to pray and recognize our Armed Forces. It was such an amazing feeling when they asked everyone serving and who have served to stand up. Everyone applauded tremendously. I wanted to blubber like a baby when Jarrett stood up. Then they asked family members of these soldiers to stand up. Yep, the water works came on as I stood up with my in laws in honor of Jarrett. We all get so wrapped up in our three day weekends, our beach days and our cookouts that we sometimes forget about what this day is all about. Actually, we shouldn't just use THIS day to remember our fallen heroes. We should remember every day!


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