Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little more in depth about the Enchanted Air force wife!

Soooo here's a little story about everything that Jarrett and I went through to now be together in Virginia. Jarrett entered the military right after we started dating in 2005, and right after boot camp and technical school, he was stationed at Langley AFB in Hampton, VA. Hampton is only three hours from Salisbury, Maryland, where I lived at the time and where most of our family and friends still live. Most of my time was either spent in school, working or going back and forth between Virginia and Maryland. During the times that I could not get to Virginia, Jarrett would come to Maryland. We both spent half of our lives driving that three hour drive. All of our family and friends that know us best know how long the journey was to get to where we are now. Eventually, we both got to a point where we just wanted to be married and make everything official...so we did! If you know me you know that I never seem to do things conventional, so Jarrett and I ended up getting married at the courthouse on a beautiful Winter's day with snow still on the ground. We had a small reception with all of our loved ones and friends at Olive Garden later that evening. Everyone keeps asking me still "when are you guys gonna have a real wedding?" and I just say "we already had one!". I don't really care anymore that I didn't get the white dress, or the "walk down the aisle" moment. All I care about is that I married my best friend, my soulmate and my hero. Never in a million year did I think I would be a military wife and never in a bazillion years did I think I could be so strong through the whole thing. All that matters is that I am here now, living this life with my husband no matter how messy and complicated it may be at some times.



  1. I'm Jessica Johnson I went to school with u and I wanted to tell u I love your blog! I think what ur doing is beautiful and ur life seems interesting. I could only fathom everyday life for u being an air force wife but I'm sure its well worth it! Sounds like ur doing good for yourself and I'm happy to hear that. Keep up the good work katie keep up the blog as well......look forward to reading it.....good luck and best wishes

  2. Awww thanks a lot girl! I'm really glad you like it! It's good to hear from you and I hope you are doing well too! :)


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