Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

Happy Friday y'all! Please excuse the fact that I did not post over the last couple of weeks. I have been SO busy since Jarrett left for Florida, but now that he is back I have a little more time to get things done and focus on the blog. I promise to start posting regularly again as I find my balance between working full time and my blog. It is exhausting working full time and having to take care of this massive house and two crazy needy dogs while Jarrett is gone. I am also so busy with getting the house ready for my MIL's visit tomorrow. I am so excited to finally have some family here in Alaska, but I am a perfectionist when it comes to having visitors and I want everything to be perfect. Okay, enough rambling. On to Friday Five.

1. So, a couple weekends ago I had to go to the ER because I had a massive bladder infection. I have yet to post about this issue because it is not something I really like to talk about, but I finally feel like I have the courage to talk about it on here. For those of you that really know me, you know that I have battled infections for years and years. I have been through so many tests and all my doctors have determined that there is nothing wrong with me accept that I am just prone to infections. With knowing how prone I am to them, it took me making some positive changes. I changed my diet and the way that I did certain things I have been able to manage the infections and I had not had one in over two years until last weekend. I have been eating and drinking very poorly while developing other bad habits since we moved to Alaska. I knew that it would catch up to me at some point and it did. Now I am on a mission to get back to eating and drinking healthier while getting back to those good habits again. I started drinking my Plexus Slim pink drink on Monday and I already feel myself not having those usual cravings for soda, coffee and tea. These are drinks that can trigger infections and I hope to cut them out completely very soon!

I will be doing a post soon on bladder infections because it is a problem that has developed more and more over the years in many woman and I want to educate women on what they can do to keep themselves healthier and keep these infections away. I use to think that I was the only one that suffered through these, but clearly it is a problem that a woman will deal with sooner or later in her life.
2. With starting my Plexus Slim pink drink,  of course getting healthier and cutting out those certain drinks and foods is my main concern, but I also want to lose a little weight and ton up. I have gained almost ten pounds since moving to Alaska and apparently it is not shocking. A lot of people gain weight when they move here and I guess it could be due to the fact that Starbucks is everywhere you turn, it's dark all the time in the winter so people get depressed, plus it's a little depressing when the temperature is negative fifteen. With my Plexus drink, I am hoping it will help me to curb those cravings of soda, sweet tea and coffee drinks. Maybe it will even help me to curb those sweet treat cravings. We shall see! 
3. My dad works for Perdue Farms and recently they have come out with an animal line called Full Moon. Before they came out with the line my dad would send me samples for the dogs to try. Oh man did they love the samples! Leo is VERY picky about the treats that he eats and I was so glad that he loved these treats especially since they were from his Gampaw! I was very excited when I learned that the treats were now in stores! Recently, my dad mailed some more treats to the dogs. They are way too spoiled. They ate both bags of treats within a day and a half. I've never seen them go through a bag of treats like that before. My dogs love them plus they are really healthy for them. Full Moon dog treats are USDA approved human grade meat and are cooked in the Perdue Farms kitchens using only 100% all natural ingredients. You can find these treats in your local Walmart store. I also encourage all pet owners to check out their website at 
4. My little Austyn will be turning one this month and of course I had to spoil her. You've seen me talk about this sweet girl many times on here and I just love her to pieces. It is still exciting that one of my best friends since middle school is a mom. It is hard to believe that we are all at that point in our lives where we are getting married and having babies. Crazy. And now most of these babies are turning one and two and so on. These babies are growing up way too fast. I tell ya though, there is nothing like shopping for a little girl turning one. I had a blasts shopping for her and putting her box together to ship. I hate having to miss out on her growing up and I guess I am trying to make up for it by spoiling her. 
5. It feels so wonderful to have Jarrett home again. I know he was only gone for three weeks, but it seemed like a lifetime. In the military, even a week seems like a lifetime. He ended up coming home on Monday instead of Saturday. I worked all day Monday then headed straight to the airport to pick him up. I also had Tuesday off from work so it worked out perfectly with him coming home on Monday. It feels so good to have my family together again. More than anything I missed all of our couch cuddling sessions. Those are the best. At one point all four of us were cuddling on the couch together and it was pure perfection. I live for moments like that. 
For your weekend and week ahead, I will leave you with a picture of my husband wearing a snake. I may or may not have ran away from him like a scared little girl. I am not ashamed! Ha!
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