Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter weekend stuff

We had the best Easter weekend considering this was our first Easter away from our family and friends! I worked on Saturday and had the best Sunday off with Jarrett and the puppies. Usually on Easter, Jarrett and I go to church with our families and then we have an amazing meal with both families. This year, Easter snuck up on us so fast we didn't even have time to find a church to visit or even finalize our Easter meal. 
Since we moved, we have been trying to create our own traditions since we are unable to spend the holidays the way we normally do. During our first Thanksgiving and Christmas here, I cooked the meals that I was use to being served by both our families. Both meals turned out really delicious and I had a happy hubby. For Easter, I literally forgot about planning my meal. Yesterday morning, Jarrett asked me what we were going to cook as our Easter dinner. No clue. I felt awful for not planning an Easter meal or planning any Easter plans at that. Jarrett then planned out our day. 
Since it was the most beautiful sunny day as well it should because our Lord and Savior rose on this day, Jarrett said we would take both dogs on a hike in our new favorite hiking spot. Later on in the day we would go to the shooting range and then come home and cook dinner featuring bacon wrapped steak with side dishes to be determined. I'm not going to lie. I felt weird not attending church on Easter Sunday. This was the first Sunday in a really long time that I did not attend church. While I do not plan to make this a habit on Easter Sunday, it felt kind of amazing to just sleep in with Jarrett and then get up and spend the whole day in the beautiful outdoors!  
We slept in, I went and grabbed us Starbucks for breakfast and then we hit the road with the pups. We went on an awesome hike with both of our babies and it felt so cool to have both dogs out on our favorite hiking spot. They did so well considering there were other families and other dogs out on the trail too. Leo led the way on the trails like he had been on them before. He was so cute. We kept trying to get a good family picture, but we could not get both dogs still enough before the self timer went off. It is literally impossible to get those two to sit still for a picture. Needless to say, we still got some good pictures even if we couldn't all four be in them. 
After our hike, we came home for a little bit and watched The Bible. I love The Bible so much and still want to see Son of God in the theater. I heard Son of God was really good! After we relaxed for a little bit, we went to the shooting range. Going to the shooting range is one of those mutual hobbies that my husband and I love to do together. It is nice to have hobbies that my husband and I can agree on. After the range, we came home and made our Easter dinner. Dinner consisted of bacon wrapped steak, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy and apple sauce with sprinkled cinnamon on top. After dinner I also made a spring funfetti cake with vanilla Oreo icing. Everything was so yummy! 

How was your Easter weekend?
Did you spend some time outdoors too?
Did you cook or eat a yummy Easter dinner?
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