Thursday, July 12, 2012

Relaxation fail!

So remember when I said I would have a relaxing day at the pool this Wednesday? Well, it didn't happen. The weather sucked, plus the pool didn't even open I'm guessing because of the weather. Blah. So what did I end up doing on my day off? I cleaned. Yes, I cleaned my house from top to bottom. I had been meaning to clean and that day was the only day I would have time before my mom arrives on Sunday. I have this tendency to clean my house like a mad woman when I have company coming. So much for a day of relaxation. When it comes to cleaning, I go off on a tangent for the most part. I become like a crazy cleaning lady once I start. I ended up dusting parts of my house that I didn't even know could accumulate dust. It was nuts, but boy do I feel better. I got a lot accomplished. I love getting things done and accomplished on days off, but it would have been so amazing to just have one day to lay out in the sunshine ALL day and read on my nook with no worries or a care in the world. Oh well, at least I don't work a ton next week, plus my mom will be here on vacation all week. It will be great to spend a lot of time with her since I haven't seen her in nearly two months. Then at the end of July, Jarrett is flying me out to Savannah, GA to spend the weekend with him since he will be deployed there for a month or so. That will most certainly be a nice little vacation from my hectic life.


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