Monday, July 9, 2012

Relaxation please?


My goodness I need to relax. I am stressed stressed stressed! Between the military and not knowing if we are staying in VA or being stationed somewhere new, work, the puppy, trying to find a real job in this economy let alone a career, researching and trying to figure out grad school and constantly worrying about the future, I am completely overwhelmed with everything. I never have real time to myself. Yes of course I have my evenings to myself because Jarrett works nights, but I don't really get to have "me time" very often. I live thirty minutes from the beach and I have a pool at my apartment complex, but do I ever have the time to just relax at the beach or pool? Nope, sure don't! My perfect relaxation day would consist of a pedicure and perhaps a massage and then just spending the rest of the day either at the pool or the beach just reading a book and getting tan. Perfect. Since I'm only off Wednesday this week, depending on the weather, I am forcing myself to lay out at the pool ALL day, and I will read my Fifty Shades of Grey and get a little tan going on. This WILL happen. You know things are crazy when you have to force yourself to relax. Actually, come to think of it, I have never been a relaxed type person. I have always worried myself into oblivion. I never really give myself a day to relax, just by myself. I think we all just need a day like that. A day to ourselves, to think about nothing. A day to rest and let all of the day to day worries rest also. I think we all get so caught up in our lives that we forget to breath. We need to breath. We need to relax.

Heres to a day at the pool,

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