Monday, June 25, 2012


Caroline and I at my wedding

Chris, Matt and I

I love when we get a ton of visitors in a row. It's amazing how much time we've gotten to spend with our families even though we live three hours away from them. Over the past two weeks Jarrett and I have gotten to spend a lot of time with our awesome siblings. First, Jarrett's sister Caroline came to visit. Jarrett's mom and step-dad moved here to Virginia at the beginning of the year so she also came to spend time with them. Caroline is the closest I have come to having a sister and I really missed her. It was so nice to just hang out at Jarrett's parents house with her as a family like old times. Her and I also went shopping, got some yummy froyo and then her, Jarrett and I went to Busch Gardens. Perfect.

Our next visit consisted of my older brother, Matt, coming for the weekend. He hadn't been to visit in almost a year so it was about time he came. I had to work a ton that weekend, but he did get to spend some quality time with Jarrett. They just hung out and did "guy" stuff. haha. On that Saturday when I got off work, we went to Busch Gardens. Yeah we have season passes there so we go a lot. I love living so close to Williamsburg. We road a ton of roller coasters, ate amazing food at The Smokehouse and then had some delicious sweets at the sweet shop. I seriously can't go there without getting chocolate covered oreos or chocolate covered smores. Amazing. It was a short trip, but it was enough for Matt to clear his mind of some unnecessary stuff happening in his life.

Our last visit was my younger brother Chris and his girlfriend Erin. Erin wasn't able to meet Leo when we picked him up in Maryland, so this was perfect timing. She is a huge dog lover, so of course, Leo really took to her. They have a strong bond now. Anyways, Jarrett had to go to work as soon as they got in to town, so I got to spend the day with them. I took them to our favorite sub place, Firehouse Subs, then we went to Peninsula Town Center, our outdoor mall. We then chilled at the house with Leo and later I took them to Cancun, the best mexican restaraunt next to La Tolteca in Maryland. Delicious. They left the next day to go spend time with Erin's grandparents who also live in Hampton.

All in all, it was wonderful to get to spend all this time with my sister in law and brothers. I love my families so much. I am so greatful to have these people in my life.


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